A Lebanese artist currently living in Nogent sur Marne, France.

She started her art training very early on with the renowned Lebanese painter Omar Onsi.

She then went on to study Biology at the American University of Beirut, and at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in the Unites States, where she received a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology.

After a semester at the Fine Arts Department in Ann Arbor, she decided to enter Les Beaux Arts de Paris, Atelier de Chaplain-Midi for two years.

Twenty years later, after a career at Radio Monte Carlo for the Middle East as well as theatrical activities, (le TEM and La Mauvaise Herbe companies), she went back to painting in 2001 when she picked up her training again, ( courses for adults in Les Beaux Arts de Paris, a year at the Greta program, courses in artists’ workshops etc..) .

In 2007 she started exhibiting her work, and has been a full-time artist since.


Art Training :

2012-2017 : Ceramics at “Createrre” with Afssar Choobac.

2005-2006 : Lithography at “Les Ateliers d’Art”, Saint-Maur-Des Fossés.

2001-2002 : Painting and Drawing Techniques, at Greta Des Arts Plastiques, Paris.

2000-2001 : Ecole Des Beaux Arts de Paris, Painting Workshops for Adults.

1974-1978 : Stage sets and masks for La Compagnie TEM and La Compagnie La Mauvaise Herbe (founding member), Montreuil.

1971-1974 : Ecole Des Beaux Arts De Paris (Chaplain-Midi workshop.)

1964-1968 : Omar Onsi workshop, Beirut, Lebanon.